That Best Describes Our Work Place

Cubicles with ‘to do’ Sticky notes, High fives, Marathon brainstorms, Eureka moments, Coffee breaks, Weekend fun games and never a dull day… that best describes our work place.

We are teamed to do something big. We think, we work, we eat, we laugh, we fight, and we succeed together in making it big. We work on technologies that transforms the world. Here coding is not as simple as searching it on the web. Instead, we contribute to the web as we solve technologically challenging and advanced business cases.

We work on technologies that transforms the world

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We are not Fortune 500 Check. We are not CMM level XYZ. Double Check. But we have been working to transfigure the global businesses and bring the future here faster. You don’t just work in a company writing lines of code. You’ll be a happening part of what next big thing is and where the world is going to be.

Hot Openings

.Net Developers (3-4 years Exp/WPF)+

3-4 years experience on .Net/C#, WPF, MVVM, C, C++

Exposure in customizing and extending UI controls.

strong Experience in oops, c#.

Experience on Blend, animations, transitions, Effects,Creating customized User-controls, creating class libraries,Creating Xaml Styles, Triggers ,Events, Data Binding, dynamic resources, Application Deployment, creating setup files for Desktop applications.Good verbal and written communication skills.

Database skills (SQL/mysql/ sqlite), ability to write stored procedures.

Experience on WCF, writing services.Good design skills using n-tier architectures (scalability, multi threading, caching, business & data layers).

2 Days to Go.

Fresher Requirement (0 years Exp/WCF)+


nextgen multitouch job openings

There is no dry day at work for me. The technologies are very new, interesting to experiment and learn.

- Mr.A.Naidu


nextgen careers

Knowing that everyday I go into work I am more than likely going to learn something new


Project Lead

nextgen multitouch jobs

I never wanted to join a company though I loved programming. I always prefer to experiment and learn. Here I get that space to explore technologies and add value to team aswell as myself. Very exciting team and enthusiastic management..

- Mr.Raghavendra

Sr. Programmer

Sometimes I have to reinvent myself to give user experience thats really cool & truly nextgen. it has to be really really out of box. ahead of generation with loads of future imagination.

- Mr.C.Nagaraju

UX Expert

Fresher World

Nextgen has a beginning in itself. We promote budding careers with a growth plan for tomorrow. A variety of roles and projects with different degrees of responsibility and learning foster the complete development of Freshers. Every employee has the space to plan his or her career path in a work culture that supports initiative and drive. The environment is open and interactive.

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What stops you from going places…Every association is an opportunity that can take you places. We associate with part timers for various been there done that jobs spread across technologies, from time to time supplementing NextGens’s work force. We request you to empanel with us as Part Timer to keep you posted with the openings.

Partime Enrollment

Employee - Alumni

Once a Nextgen-elite is forever a Nextgen-elite. We appreciate and encourage our former employees enduring association with us. We take forward this association of mutual esteem and value addition by encouraging our ex-employees references for the various openings with referral gifts on the way. Please share with us your current details to keep you posted on the openings

Alumni Network

Internship Program

Imaginative. Explorative. Applicative. Three things that we look out for a student to be our intern.

If you are looking for challenging and contributing project work, stay on. If you are a tech geek and explorative. Do apply for our intern program. We don’t count on your grades but your appetite to learn. We offer internship opportunities up to 6 months.

Trivia: 12% of our fulltime employees are once our interns

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