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multi touch group productivity software
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Group Productivity

Putting the human factor back into technology, allowing people to work together naturally the way they want to.

Our suite of group productivity apps bridges the current digital divide across globally distributed platforms with improved collaboration and increased productivity

MTboard : Advanced IWB Application

Realboard : Real-Time Collaboration

Meeting Wall : Productive Meeting Solution

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digital signage solutions

Digital Signage

Interactive Displays

he mere display of content according to a pre-defined play over digital signage is not creating a relationship with the consumer

Our Interactive digital signage apps not just captivates attention but forefronts as customer-facing technology for purchases, Explore your content, Team made about your business, Increasing our usability

Digital Signage and Electronic Shelf Labels Consumer Product Introduction Displays Intelligent Way Finder Fun Studio

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multi touch GIS application solutions
multitouch application development company
multi touch medical visualization

Health Care

Interactive Medical Visualization

In time critical medical environments, the challenge today is that the vital and relevant data is split up between different work stations and proprietary visualization equipment.

Our apps with multi user interaction (both visual and images) facilitate, triage and diagnosis across medical environments) bringing an important contribution to collaborative medical work

DocStation : @ Doctor’s Room HealthBoard : @ Patient’s Room EmStation: @ Operation Theatre HI Wall: @ Lobby Meeting Space: @ Conference Room

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multi touch agriculture apps


Machine assisted interactive learning

Farmers face First Hand Computing Difficulties to access relevant information of the required quality.. has assumed importance w.r.t present Agricultural challenges.

Our smart agri apps open up the possibilities of computer based knowing with zero learning, circumvents language barrier and at the same time facilitates appropriate collaboration

Our solutions bring the best possible human interaction with the technology overcoming the first hand computing difficulties by the expert and end users

Former One Stop Shop Former Knowledge KIOSK AgriBook

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interactive multitouch software for public service
multi touch application for public service
multi touch large display application

Public Services

Zero-Learning Curve Solutions

The key challenge remains bringing personalization to public displays like user type identification, profile content and socialization aspects like networking.

We offer a range of personalized, collaborative and context-sensitive applications that along with interactivity engages users with a zero learning curve..

On Demand Informational Needs Expert Guidance & Assistance Educating New Practices Pathway Finder Virtual Tours

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Multi-user collaborative visualization

The radical changes in the amount of information on maps and the ways in which it is presented require all together new kind of interactions.

Our apps circumvents the first hand computing difficulties to subject experts and allow multiple expert users for rapid knowledge through querying, visualizing and discovery

GIS Conferencing Decision Support System Real Time Governance

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multi touch table software

Coming UP

large interactive touch devices

SDK for quick & rapid development of apps for both developer community & in-house.

A Market Place

First of its kind multitouch marketplace for customers & manufacturers.

collaboration touch applications
Touch Store

App Distribution Platform to deliver our Ready to Use apps.

collaborative solutions for multitouch
andriod multi touch application
An Eco System

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